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Creative Engineering

Fabrice Knecht Creative Engineering APS

Avanceret 3D modelling

3D surface Modelling based on Handsketches or CAD files


Creative Engineering and technical Problem Solving

Furniture Engineering

+15 Years of experience with furniture engineering

Plastic Parts

+15 Years of experience with engineering of plastic Parts

Fabrice Knecht Creative Engineering is a Consultancy working with technical Problem solving and Product Development. Since 2016 I have helped companies with the Development of their Products, and Designers with transforming their ideas to reality. I am good in solving technical Problems and have huge experience with the engineering of Furniture as well as Components mould in materials such as Plastics, Metal, Aluminium, Zinc etc.
Through my expertise the time to Marked and the process from idea to production runs is fast. In the Projects I work, often both a Designer and a Brand are involved as well. I am responsible for the technical part and make things work. Sometimes I am involved in such a project from the first ideas and handsketches throughout to the implementation at the suppliers. But as well sometimes I solve a specific technical problem, 3D modelling of FEM calculation.

Referencer Virksomheder

All kind of international Brands use my competences. The companies I help out sometimes don’t have competences similar to mine inhouse, or sometimes they have but their R&D Department is too busy. In order to send out the Product to the marked they hire my services for a particular project. My huge knowledge and experience is giving added value to the company within a short period of time.

Referencer Design Studios

When I enter a project, often the designer and brand are already matched and the project already runs. I have been involved in countless projects with international known designers throughout more than 15 years. Thanks to two bachelor degrees – I am both architect and engineer – I talk the designers language. This gives me the needed competences to move the product further towards implementation without compromise in the design language.

+45 61 68 83 69

Can I help you with a technical Problem?

Do you need any technical help when developing your Product?


teknisk assistance og konstruktion

Plastic Parts

Ready for Production CAD Modelling

Creative Problem Solving

Experience and Creativity leads to results

Engineer and Architect

integrated analytical and creative approach



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